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Shipping & Returns Policy


At Cypress Collectibles, we want every customer to be 100% satisfied with their purchase. If for any reason you are not happy with your order when it arrives, simply email us and we will always work out a solution with you. Please see our policies below for more information.


We offer a 30-day, no-questions asked return policy. Simply mail us back the patches at the address below, and we will process a full refund upon receipt. Please include a note with your order number and name so we can identify you and quickly process the refund.


We also offer a 30-day, no questions-asked exchange policy. Simply mail us back the patches at the address below, and we will quickly mail out the new patches upon receipt. Please include a note with your order number and name so we can identify you. Please also include the item numbers and exact name of the patches you would like to exchange for (we sell more than a dozen versions of "US Flag Patch", so be specific).


We strive to make sure every order is handled perfectly, but sometimes mistakes happen. Occasionally a flag patch with a dropped stitch will get past our inspection during shipping. Sometimes we send the wrong patch by mistake (for example, the Russian flag looks just like the Netherlands flag!). No matter what the problem - if it is our fault, we will pay for any postage associated with getting you the correct item and/or returning the unusable patch. We simply ask that you email us first and we will sort out the problem right away. We are committed to customer service!

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We ship all of our patches through the good old fashioned US Post Office. We understand that everyone likes to make fun of their horrible service, but we put USPS to the test every year. Last year we shipped more than 100,000 domestic packages and only two were eaten by the machines. Less than a dozen never showed up. Those are pretty impressive statistics.

FIRST CLASS SHIPPING: If you order one patch (or two small patches), we ship them in a plain envelope First Class mail. We include a pre-printed promotional postcard in the envelope, and this keeps the patch from being damaged or bent. We ship these out in brightly colored envelopes, so you can't miss them. If your order is three or more patches, we still ship them First Class, but at the parcel rate. In this case, the order will include a tracking number and the patches will be well protected inside either a thick brown bubble envelope or a rigid white photo mailer.

PRIORITY MAIL SHIPPING: For those that want to receive their packages extra quickly, want guaranteed tracking services, or just don't trust First Class mail, we also offer mailing by USPS Priority Mail. Priority Mail travels on mail-only cargo planes (compared to the commercial passenger jets that carry First Class Mail) and thus are rarely affected by delays. Our statistics show that Priority Mail is only slightly faster than First Class mail, but the choice is yours. We do not price our shipping rates for profit, and we do not benefit from you choosing one delivery speed versus another.

INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING: Yes! We have shipped thousands of packages overseas and will mail our products almost anywhere in the world. Delivery time to Canada, UK and most EU countries is only 5-10 business days. Eastern European countries, Russia, and our customers down under in Australia and New Zealand should expect 7-14 business days for items to arrive. Customers in Italy should expect 2-5 weeks for delivery. If anyone can explain to us why the mail in Italy is so ridiculously slow, we would love to know. We no longer ship to Mexico, Central/South America, or most of Asia beyond Japan because of a high rate of lost packages. If, however, you are from one of our excluded countries and would like to order, please email us and we will try and work something out.